Cylindrical cut wire (CCW) for shot blasting

Cylindrical cut wire is made of high quality of cold drawn steel wire, with a medium content of carbon (C) or stainless steel wire (SS 302/ SS 304). Cylindrical cut wire, which is also known as wire pellets, is cut at the length/diameter ratio = 1. They have an abrasive effect due to the sharp edges appeared during the cutting process.

A recent study shows that Chiru Prod Impex covers 8% of the sales of cylindrical cut wire pellets.

The company is a global player in the wire business and a major supplier of cut wire pellets for peening applications. Chircu masters quality, guarantees consistent supply, and operates at high industrial level with, at the same time, very competitive costs.

Cylindrical cut wire is used as blast material, in various industries.

Surface cleaned by wire cut shots is exceptionally bright and smooth. Since cylindrical cut wire is whole-bodied shot with no scales or oxides present, it creates no dust and leave the surface clean and bright.



  • as cylindrical cut wire is produced of cold drawn steel wire, it is absolutely free from micro structural defects, like presence of hyper entectole carbides and porosity;
  • after few hours of usage, during the shot blasting process, the cut wire shots become conditioned (spherical) due to its natural tendency;
  • extreme toughness and temper gives longer life;
  • reduces the costs in cleaning activities (shot blasting);
  • cleans the product faster; no dust or health hazard during operation;
  • cylindrical cut wire is very efficient in doing quicker job of cleaning and blasting;
  • cuts down the maintenance cost for the shot blasting machines;
  • increases of the fatigue life for the blasted objects.

Cylindrical cut wire (CCW) for shot blasting

Technical details

Length/diameter ratio 1
Size range 0.3 mm – 2.2 mm
Tensile strength
min. 1570 N/mm2
Hardness min. 450 HV1 or 45 HRC
Standards DIN 8201 (St D-Z)
  DIN 50310
  DIN 50311
  DIN 50315
  EN ISO 1124-1
  EN ISO 1125-3
(measured by
alcohol displacement)
higher than 7.4 g/ccm
Carbon content 0.45% - 0.55%
Packing in big bags of 1 metric tone or in plastic bags of 25 kg each, set on a wooden pallet (IPPC – standards) and protected with polyethylene shrink, tied up in 4 places with metallic strips.
Yearly production ± 5.000 tones


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