Milled cut steel fibers for concrete reinforcement

Milled cut steel fibers for concrete reinforcement are made of prime steel slabs – quality S 355, according to EN 10025.
After the manufacturing process results milled cut fibers with a triangular longitudinal twist, rough surface, hooked end and a soft longitudinal torsion.
Milled cut fibers are used for concrete reinforcement, soft concrete (θ aggregate ≤ 8 mm) used in different constructions.

  1. industrial floors
  2. parking places
  3. tunnels
  4. slope stabilization
  5. roads, bridges, highways
  6. runways for airports
  7. anti-seismic
  8. bank safe box
  9. sport courtyards


Milled cut fibers for concrete reinforcement are certified in Romania according to Technical Agreement no. 003-01/ 051 – 2007.



1. Increasing the durability in different construction works:

  1. Reinforcement of the road concrete used for the construction and maintenance of  highways, airports, parking places and industrial floors;
  2. Reinforcement of the hidrotechnical concrete used for the construction and maintenance of the tunnels, railway tunnels, subway tunnels and slopes stabilization;
  3. Reinforcement of the concrete used at civil and industrial works, military works, infrastructure and superstructure of the road and railway bridges.

2. Improved qualities of the reinforced concrete with milled cut fibers:

  1. resistance at elongation
  2. resistance at mechanic shock 
  3. resistance at repeated frozen – thaw
  4. reducing or the cracking tendency

3. Homogenous distribution of milled cut fibers when being mixed with the concrete
4. Milled cut fibers do not pollute the air, water or the sole
5. Reinforced concrete with milled cut fibers has the capacity of phonic isolation 
Technical details:


Length (mm)

Width  (mm)

Tensile/ Strength (N/mm²)

- triangular transversal section
- hooked ends
- light longitudinal torsion

32 ± 2

3.80  ± 0.50

min. 800

in cardboard boxes of 20 – 25 kg, set on wooden pallets of 1 tone, well protected with plastic folio and metallic strips


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