Spherical conditioned cut wire (SCCW) for shot peening

Spherical conditioned cut wire is made of cold drawn steel wire with a high content of carbon (C) or stainless steel wire (SS 302/ SS 304).

Spherical conditioned cut wire is obtained after cutting the wire, through the conditioning (rounding) process. During this process we are obtaining several conditioned forms G1 (normal conditioned), G2 (double conditioned) and G3 (special conditioned), where G3 is the perfect rounded particle; it is a sphere.

The sharp edges (cylindrical cut wire) are not desirable for the shot peening, as they are damaging the fatigue life.

Spherical conditioned cut wire is used more in the shot peening process; it is used in different industries, such as automotive industry, aerospace industry, medical industry, shipping industry, etc.

Spherical conditioned cut wire - G1 (normal conditioned)

Spherical conditioned cut wire - G2 (double conditioned)

Spherical conditioned cut wire - G3 (special conditioned)

  • equal hardness and excellent homogenity;
  • the shots live for days and weeks, until every shot reduces to micro particle; they do not break into dust
  • the components peened with spherical conditioned cut wire have a greater fatigue life than the same components peened with cast ball shots , because SCCW maintain their peening intensity longer than any other shot type;
  • the shot used in the shot peening process should be at least as hard as Almen strips or the part being peened;
  • due to the drawing process, the spherical conditioned cut wire size is stabilized;
  • being used in more cycles (3-5 times), spherical conditioned cut wire reduces the cost for maintenance and warehouse; 
  • reduce the time for shot peening;

Technical details
  • Size range = 0.3 mm – 1.2 mm
  • Tensile/strength (T/S) = min. 2100 N/mm2
  • Hardness = 640 HV1 to the final product
  • Standards = VDFI 8001; AMS 2431; DIN 8201
  • Carbon content (C) = min. 0.70%
  • Packing: in plastic bags of 25 kg each, put in cardboard boxes of 1mt and each box set on wooden pallets (IPPC standards), protected with polyethylene shrink, tied up with metallic strip.
  • Yearly production = ± 3.000 tones

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